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MyFitFuel Whey Protein 80 5Kg

Model Name: MFF Whey Protein 80
Lowest Price: ₹7,096 (₹141.98 / 100 g)
Last Update: 29-Nov-2021 05:31 AM
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  • 5 Kg (11 lbs) comes with 150 Total Servings.
  • Protein made from grass-fed high quality cow milk.
  • 24.2 gm (Dry Basis) & 22.6 gm (As is basis) protein in every serving in Chocolate Caramel.
  • 26 gm (Dry Basis) & 24 gm (As is basis) protein in every Serving in Vanilla Crème Flavor.
  • 24.5 gm (Dry Basis) & 23 gm (As is basis) protein in every serving in Café Mocha Flavor.
  • 25.3 gm (Dry Basis) & 23.5 gm (As is basis) protein in every serving in Coffee Caramel.
  • 25.4 gm (Dry Basis) & 23.8 gm (As is basis) protein in every serving in Banana Milkshake.
  • Ultra-pure Imported protein & ideal for lean growth.
  • BCAA & Glutamine rich, low in fat & carbs.
  • Aspartame & Sugar Free.

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MyFitFuel Whey Protein 80™ is made up of a very high quality imported & tested Instantized whey protein concentrate 80% available in the market. There are no fillers, thickeners or cheap amino acids added to reduce the quality of the product. After many quality checks and research only mouth watering & approved flavours are added for taste during formulation.

MFF Whey Protein 80™ is made up of a very high quality tested 80% concentrate protein available in the market. With highest biological value (BV) of any other known protein, MFF Whey Protein 80™ provides excellent essential and non-essential amino acids profile including high source of 5.2g BCAA. MyFitFuel whey protein 80 is highly rich in Glutamine (3.8g) and also contains the vital nutrients which shuttle down on the muscles rapidly for the optimal results.

MFF Whey Protein 80™ being very low in carbohydrate and fat makes it the perfect choice for the lean muscles growth and muscle recovery. This Protein Powder mixes very easily which helps in giving a very smooth protein textured & tempting flavored protein shake.

  • Flavor- Vanilla Crème provides – 26 gm (Dry Basis) & 24 gm (As is basis) Protein and 5.4 gm BCAA & 4 gm Glutamine.
  • Flavor – Coffee Caramel provides – 25.3 gm (Dry Basis) & 23.5 gm (As is basis) Protein and 5.3 gm BCAA & 3.9 gm Glutamine.
  • Flavor- Rich Chocolate Delight provides- 25.3 gm (Dry Basis) & 23.4 gm (As is basis) Protein, and 4.9 gm BCAA & 3.6 gm Glutamine.
  • Flavor- Chocolate Caramel provides- 24.2 gm (Dry Basis) & 22.6 gm (As is basis) Protein, and 5.2 gm BCAA & 3.9 gm Glutamine.

MyFitFuel disclose actual protein in every Variant. Vanilla Crème flavor contains only added flavor whereas Rich Chocolate Delight flavour contains added flavor plus cocoa, hence reducing small amount of protein content.

Grass Fed Cow Milk with Quality Whey Protein:-  MFF Whey Protein 80 is  contains very high nutrition values. This Protein goes from different parameters of quality management. With high bio availability of this protein, not only it is easy to digest but also helps in better muscle repair and recovery. MFF Whey Protein Concentrate is easily soluble and can be used directly or with different other recipes for making smoothies etc.

Up To 24.3g Protein from fresh milk:- MyFitFuel Whey Protein concentrate 80%, Unflavored Variant of this product contains 24.3gm Protein on “As is basis”. We also bring transparency of not just ingredients but we also disclose the amount of protein in every flavor as different flavor have different amount of protein. You can check every flavor nutrition details in Nutrition table.

Up To 5.4g Naturally Occuring BCAA:- It contains 5.4gm naturally occurring BCAA per serving in unflavored variant. BCAA as branched chain amino acids contains Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine. Combination of these 3 amino acids helps in faster recovery, reduced muscle soreness and stronger muscles.

Whey Protein benefits includes:- Helps to stay lean and build lean muscles, Helps to meet daily protein requirement, Helps to repair and grow broken muscle tissues, With proper workout, Helps to increase stamina and strength in muscles, Helps to make stronger muscles and increase strength and Complete Amino Acid Profile with all Essential Amino Acids.

100% Transparency & Authentic:- Ingredients are mentioned on the product with absolute transparency. It contains the exact amounts and proportions as listed. This product is developed with deep and scientific research to offer maximum benefits. We were first one to bring knowledge on Dry basis vs As is basis protein and 100% transparency in India in year 2013.

Directions of Use:- Add 200-250ml of water in any shaker like MyFitFuel MFF™ Classic Shaker and add 1 scoop of MFF Whey Protein 80 ™. Shake it for 15-20 seconds & consume immediately. To make thick shake use less ml of water.

MFF recommends 2-5 servings daily to complete your required protein intake depending on your goals & intensity of workout. To promote lean muscles, experts suggest 1g of protein per pound body weight everyday (2.2g per kg body weight everyday) consumed during different time of the day.

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